Gallery Assist

What is Gallery Assist

The Gallery Assist (GA) module provides a way prepared to

  1. simple
  2. fast
  3. uncomplicated
  4. successful

to create image galleries. It is absolutely easy.

Create a gallery in 3 steps

1. Enable the module 2. Configure gallery layout and set rights 3. Create galleries

What does Gallery Assist?

The Gallery Assist (GA) provides a gallery functionality that can be assigned to existing node types (content types, article types).

Gallery Assist Features

  1. Creating galleries, independent of the modules CCK, Views, ImageCache and Image/Image Gallery.
  2. The gallery features can be assigned to any node type (story, page, book, blog, forum topic etc).
  3. Configurable presets for display screen sizes.
  4. Various configurable display options for the galleries.
  5. Integrated configurable gallery and picture pager.
  6. Multilanguage support - i18n module compatible.
  7. Cooliris and Piclens support.
  8. Support for 9 known Lightbox variants.
  9. Upload and Import features:
    Support of mass upload through the Image FUpload for the GA module, a Image FUpload integration and/or through the GA Upload and Import Helper module which add ZIP-Packages to the allowed upload-file-formats and support the import of folders, files and packages uploaded via HTTP or FTP. This last can be combined with the IMCE module what extends the upload abilities.
  10. Of course, the integration of Views could not miss. The most importants GA fields are aviable for it through GA Views

Additional Modules

There are optional modules which can extend the functionality of Gallery Assist.

  1. Gallery Assist ImageCache
  2. Gallery Assist Lightboxes
  3. Gallery Assist for the Cooliris viewer
  4. Gallery Assist Upload and Import Helper
  5. Image FUpload for Gallery Assist
  6. Gallery Assist Views
  7. Gallery Assist Comments

New Modules

  1. Gallery Assist Exif
  2. Gallery Assist Plupload
  3. Gallery Assist Bulk Operations
  4. Gallery Assist x Formatters


  1. Gallery Assist Vote Up/Down
  2. Gallery Assist Flickr

Modules, which increase the usability of Gallery Assist


Livedemo: GA examples
Documentation: GA Guide


GA translations

A lot of thanks for all the feedback!