Gallery Assist download links

Gallery Assist can work independtly but it is good to know that to Gallery Assist can be expanded with a serie of modules. For example when you desire to use a lightbox you can install the module gallery_assist_lightboxes, if you use ImageCache in your site you can (and is recomended) install gallery_assist_ic to extend the Gallery Assist module for the work with ImageCache.

Here the download links:

  1. Gallery Assist: Drupal module with gallery funtionality.
  2. Gallery Assist ImageCache: Extend Gallery Assist to work with ImageCache.
  3. Gallery Assist Lightboxes: Extend Gallery Assist with known Lightboxes.
  4. Gallery Assist for the Cooliris viewer: Extend Gallery Assist with the Cooliris viewer and plugin.
  5. Gallery Assist Upload and Import helper: Allow to import images from a import Folder (FTP, Webdav etc) and from compresed archives. Now are suported zip and tar. The tar compresion extention must be installed.
  6. Image FUpload for Gallery Assist: Allow to add/upload multiple images in one step in to a gallery.
  7. Gallery Assist Comments: Provide Gallery Assist a comment functionality.
  8. Gallery Assist Exif: Allow to estract and display exif image-information.