Media: Gallery

Gallery Assist - contributed
It provides a nodetype prepared with gallery functionality. Other content types can get assigned the gallery functionlalyties from Gallery Assist. The functionalities from Gallery Assist can be extended by using different submodules.
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Gallery Assist ImageCache - contributed
Manage the format settings from Gallery Assist and help the module to display the gallery content through ImageCache.
Gallery Assist Lightboxes - contributed
Allow gallery assist to work with the differents lightbox variants.
Gallery Assist for the Cooliris Viewer - contributed
Allow Gallery Assist to display gallery content through the Cooliris services (Piclens, Embed or direct Cooliris).
Gallery Assist Upport - contributed but prototype
Extends Gallerie Assist with the features "mass upload" and "mass import (fromftp/IMCE folders)"
Gallery Assist Takeover - prototype
Allow administrators/redactors to ceate galleries of existing data managed from others drupal modules
Image FUpload Gallery Assist - currently not contributed
Developed as submodule from "Image FUploa" and extends Gallery Assist with the mass upload feature form swfupload.